Felling/Stump grinding

This service involves the complete removal of a dead or diseased tree. This will help prevent surrounding trees from becoming infected.

Hedge cutting

This service involves both the tidying and trimming of hedges.

Formative pruning

This service involves the pruning of newly planted trees. By removing deadwood etc and taking care of general maintenance this will encourage healthy growth.

Crown lifting

This service involves the removal of the lower branches of a trees crown. The benefits of this include: Enabling light to pass through and preventing tree damage from travelling vehicles.

Crown thinning

This service involves the even removal of internal branches throughout the tree.

The benefits of this include; reduction in wind resistance, prevention of vehicle damage.

Crown reduction

This service involves the removal of the ends of the branches. This method is used to reduce the overall size of the tree canopy, providing an even shape. This is a popular service in which tree size can be controlled due to restrictions of its environment.


This service is generally used for damaged trees, in which the removal of all branches is carried out, leaving just the trunk.

Cable bracing

This service involves the propping of trees in order to sustain their stability. Braces may also be necessary in order to aid the structure of the tree in supporting heavy or hazardous limbs.


We also provide a 24hr emergency call out service


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